52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Green

8 weeks in and 44 more to go! I have been having so much fun with these! The hardest part of the challenge for me is trying to keep myself from going and buying all new things each time. That was my goal for this week but when I peeked into my inventory I realized I had almost nothing green. Just a camo tank top and a dress I got as a newbie that makes my breasts look awkward. lol.

My list of things to do the last few weeks has been piling up and up. In fact I wasn’t even going to blog until after the new year. The holiday has been super hectic and I just wanted a nice break but then I got so excited about my green I had to show it off.

I did 2 different looks and they turned out to be so much fun. I love the retro feel of the 2nd one! Who knows I may even post a 3rd look.

I finally made it to Pixeldolls which was one of the things on my to-do list. They’ve been having a sale but I haven’t been able to make it til today.  I grabbed the super cute green dress at 25 L$ and a silver one for next week’s challenge. I wasn’t going to buy for next week but the silver dress was only $10L so I figured what the hell.

The top in the second picture is free under the Christmas tree at Pixeldolls so I grabbed a few of those too. Yay for new clothes that don’t make a dent in my budget! My earrings came are a a dollarbie I got off the SL marketplace. The skin is free gift at Laqorki in the subscribe-o group. Not sure how much longet it will be there though. The green eyeshadow is so pretty and so festive!

❤ Ayako

Picture 1

HAIR: TRUTH – Francesca – Copper

SKIN: LAQ – Vilda [Fair] (exclusive Christmas makeup)

EYES: LAQ – Reflect Truegreen

LASHES: [chuculet] eyelashes – Julia

DRESS:  Pixeldolls – Etoile – Green

POSE: Diesel Works

Picture 2

HAIR: TRUTH – Gigi – Almond

SKIN: LAQ – Vilda Fair (exclusive Christmas makeup)

EYES: LAQ – Reflect Truegreen

LASHES: [chuculet] eyelashes – Julia

EARRINGS: berry.berry – ultra lush green earrings

TOP: Pixeldolls – Faith – Sage

JEANS: Phoebe Dark Wash Jeans (no longer open)

SHOES: Stiletto Moody – Bare Audrey – Black Patent

POSE: Glitteratti


Merry Christmas!

Seasons greetings to you and your family and friends. Wishing you all have a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas and New Years. I’ll see you in 2011!

❤ Ayako

HAIR: TRUTH – Francesca – Jupiter

SKIN: LAQ – Tasha [Fair] Glow Skins 08

COSTUME: Femme Fatale – Santa’s Helper

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Cerise

Until Luna’s challenge I really had no idea what color cerise was. I know that in French cerise is the word for cherry. I know now that cerise is a pretty pinkish-red color. You learn something new every day!

Quite honestly I was dreading blogging about this color, as beautiful as it is. I will be the first to admit pink is not my favorite color nor is it among my top picks when I go shopping. I usually make my way past anything pink or if I do stop I admire it very briefly and move on. BUT…after a lot of digging in my closet I found out I had more pink things than I realized. I set up a whole pink corner in my house and I’m leaving it up all week. In the end I can say it was much more fun than I was anticipating.

❤ Aya

HAIR: TRUTH – Francesca – Jupiter

SKIN: LAQ – Tasha [Fair] Glow Skins 08

SHIRT: Nyte’N’Day – Sum – Pink

JEANS: (Store unknown) Colored Capri’s blue

SHOES: fri.  Basic.Flats – pink

CHAIR: {what next} Pretty-in-pink armchair

LAMP: [croire] fabric lamp (starlight)

RUG: The Dressing Room – August Cabana Rug

Holiday Happiness

This is my 2nd Christmas time in SL and so far I’m loving all the advents.  Last year I was still too new to really understand what they were all about. I am so appreciative of all the cool gifts designers put out for us.  I have a whole section of my inventory devoted to the advent gifts.  Thank you to all you designers who work so hard to bring us fantastic fashion this holiday season! And also thank you that you’re not killing my budget =D.

Aleida has been putting out one item each day at a discounted price. They’re available in a little winter wonderland section in the store. So far this bolero jacket released on the 4th is my favorite! I am not usually a fan of fur collars RL or SL but it’s so glamorous! I paired it with the new holiday dress *G Field* sent out as a group gift. I feel like a fairy princess off to a winter ball! Now I just have to find one and drag my husband off to it with me.

❤ Ayako

HAIR: TRUTH – Francesca – Jupiter

SKIN: LAQ – Tasha [Fair] Glow

JACKET: |ALEIDA| Bolero Jacket Xmas (Dec. 4)

DRESS: *GF* 2010 Holiday Dress – Purple

SHOES: HOC Apparel – Strappy Stilettos – plain color pack

POSES: Diesel Works

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Yellow!

YAY YELLOW! I love yellow even though I don’t wear it much myself. Yellow makes the world a happier place and I’m so excited to be doing it (even if I am a bit late). It’s been a super crazy week and I’ve barely been online much less had time to blog. 7 weeks down and 45 more to go!A special thanks to my best friend K who’s helping me out. Thanks for being a dork with me!

❤ Aya

On Ayako

HAIR: TRUTH – Francesca – Jupiter

SKIN: LAQ – Tasha [Fair] Glow

DRESS: Gawk! – Yellow Circle Pattern Mini Dress

On Kaiden

HAIR: TRUTH – Marnie – Crow

SKIN: Belleza – Allyson Medium

SHIRT 1: Nyte’N’Day – Kapoosh Sleeveless Hoodie – Yellow

SHIRT 2: [IF] – Black tube top

JEANS: :.WoE.: Ellee Faded Jeans (Dusk)

POSES: CnS e-motion


I’m still kinda of new to blogging and the 52 week color challenge but it’s definitely proving to be more fun than I first though. So far I’m loving this challenge. It gives me a focus to blog about but it also gets me into the bowels of my inventory and I end up finding things I might have forgotten about.

When sepia was announced I panicked a bit. I think browns are so great and not given enough credit for their richness and warmth. Sepia on the other hand…. hmm…..  What is sepia really? I had to bust out my crayon box to double check. But after digging in my SL closet and a lot of shopping I came up with 2 looks for sepia. I actually had a lot of fun with this. Here we go!

Sepia #1

❤ Aya

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* – Irelynn – Cinnamon

Skin: LAQ – Tasha [Fair] Glow skins

Sweater: OoEas! – Hamper Chenille Sweater –  Cocoa

Tank: Jane – Intrinsic tanks – br  khaki and chocolate

Skirt: ::humming:: – wool check skirt

Mini Skirt – OoEas! – Corduroy skirt – chips

Boots – *GF* – Short Belt Boots “Emma” – brown

Poses: Striking poses


I’ve recently realized that one of my new favorite stores is from the owner of one of my old favorite stores no longer in sl.   Silly me for not making the connection or for not reading the store description but either way my day – no my week – has been made!  I almost cried when Mischief left. There were so many fab clothes and if I had had enough money at the time (damn my husband for not lending me his wallet) I absolutely would have bought 1 of everything in that store.

When the owner announced a new project and I looked and looked for it but to no avail. My heart dropped thinking of the possibility that she was simply no longer in-world. But thank you to my dear friend K (you know who you are) for recommending Jane to me last month. I fell in love with the store at first rez. Everything in there is so me! And now, much to my delight I realize (how slow am I?) that I loooooooooove this designer.

If I had the time I would show you everything I have bought from there to date. But for the time being I’ll stick with one thing…..tanks. Jane has wonderfully detailed tank tops in all different styles. I think the intrinsic tanks (which, btw are all free) are great with a favorite pair of jeans. Bum around the house in style.

They also go great with pajama pants.

It’s late now and I’m falling asleep on the pose stand. Be sure to go check out Jane!

❤ Ayako

HAIR: *~*Damselfly*~* – Irelynn in Cinnamon

SKIN: LAQ – Tasha [Fair] Glow skins

TANK: Jane – intrinsic tanks in navy and cream

JEANS: League – Woodstock Jeans in black

BOOTS: BAX Ankle boots – Black + suede

PAJAMAS: wildNsweet designs – lips pajamas

POSES: Striking poses, Essential Soul