New and Old

There’s a song I learned in grade school….I couldn’t tell you the name but it was something about making new friends and keeping the old ones. I apply it to my clothes lol.

I try to keep my shopping on a budget – cute but cheap. I was so excited to find one of my favorite stores is having an Advent sale which features a new dollarbie each day until Christmas . Woohooo! I love this dress. It makes me want to find a holiday party to attend.

Sparkle Satin Dress in Rose

Of course I can’t forget about the old outfits. One of my favorites – mostly because it’s blue. Did I mention I love blue?

My fave


❤ Aya

Dress: Delicious Designs – Sparkle Satin Dress – Rose

Top: Rock Me Amadeus- Pretty Blue top

Jeans: League – Woodstock Jeans – Black

Shoes: Feather – Odeko Heel – sky blue & Stiletto Moody – Pinup Spike – Red Tartan


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