52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Sienna

Here we are in week 10! Crazy how quickly time flies! Luna’s color of choice this week…Sienna. Honestly I really had no idea what sienna was. I keep coming back to burnt sienna a sort of ugly dark brownish-orangey color. Or at least the crayon was. My least favorite color as a kid. I always wondered why the crayon company would make such an ugly color and who would use it and so always it sat in my crayon box unused. But the sienna color that Luna picked out is a beautiful, very rich and very warm reddish-brown that brings to mind autumn and fires on cold nights and rich vegetable soups. I was in love immediately!

However the task of finding such a color in SL was completely non-exhilarating. I have absolutely no sienna and nothing resembling it in my inventory. I picked up a pretty sienna shirt from 50L Fridays but I had already seen others use it and thus determined to find a different look.  So I set out on the grid with the color strip printed out and taped to my computer screen. At every shop I visited I would compare. Is this sienna? What about this? No this one is too brown and that one too red. I thought for sure I was going to be bald by the end of this challenge and feeling cross-eyed from spending way too much time squinting at my computer screen then back at the color strip and back at the screen. And then…success! I landed at Zeery. A store full of fantastic richly colored silk-type scarves. I snatched up this woman’s tie which was the perfect color. Now what do I wear it with????? *sigh* Back into my inventory where I came upon this great corset from {SMS} that I had picked up when I stopped there for 50L Fridays. Double success! Generously I give myself a 6 out of 10 for this week which I think is pretty good. And now I think I need a nap or maybe a stiff drink. Looking forward to next week already. Indigo will be much less harrowing.

❤ Ayako

HAIR: TRUTH – Francesca – Jupiter

SKIN: LAQ – Tasha [Fair] Glow skins 05

EYES: LAQ – Reflect lightblue

LASHES: [chuculet] Julia eyelashes

TOP: {SMS} Tweed corset – Rusty

TIE: Zeery – Silk tie femme – Brick

JEANS: Pheobe – Pheobe’s dark wash jeans (no longer open)

POSE: SEmotion


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Sienna

  1. The color challenge for sure is making me shop more and find those smaller stores. Some weeks were painful to find the right shade … but … well … there will be easier weeks ahead. Promise!

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