52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Electric Lime

My first thoughts on electric lime were argh! eek! and seriously?! And I thought doing sepia was hard! I still love you anyways Luna! Actually though once I got into it, I had a lot of fun.

Electric lime to me is somewhere between chartreuse and neon yellow. I can honestly say I had absolutely NOTHING in my closet resembling this color. I went retro 80’s with a bit of  Richard Simmons a la “Sweating to the Oldies” vibe.  Or better yet, Olivia Newton John’s “Physical”.  It seemed to fit electric lime – the 80’s with all the bright colors and wacky (but cool) styles and the funky background was the perfect finishing touch.

Is it sweaty in here or is it just me?

Anyone feel like doing the YMCA with me?

I usually go with whatever is in my inventory and try as hard as possible not to go and buy new things for my challenge post each week seeing as I usually add about 50 new things to my closet after I check out everyone’s post and see all the darling, fun things they blogged. My inventory has grown so much in the past 2 months it’s insane! For sure most of the stores I frequent don’t create items that bright.

After perusing the marketplace I wasn’t finding much I liked. Desperate for something, anything neon/electric lime-y I peeked at Whippet & Buck and there…success! This boat-neck sweater seemed like the perfect color for the week – even if it’s not called lime. Actually, it might be a bit more neon yellow-y but let’s call it electric lime. From there Gawk! because they have some seriously sweet legwarmers I’ve been wanting for awhile and my retro look seemed like the perfect excuse to pick them up. The hair from TRUTH completed my look. The cute, messy up-do just says  “workout” to me. Electric lime I believe I have conquered you! Bring on the next challenge! Although maybe not…ecru….hmm…

❤ Ayako

The Look:

Hair: TRUTH – Neve – auburn (streaked)
Skin: Style by Kira – Elora skin (10L$ on their cart at The Wash)
Shirt: [W & B] – Cole Boatneck top – Rio Grande
Shorts: Nyte’N’Day – Amity Boy Shorts – Grey
Arm/Legwarmers: Gawk! – Black Wool Arm/Legwarmers
Shoes: [PM] – Plain Baby T’s – Lime
Poses: *ES* and Diesel Works


3 AM Fashion

I was unable to sleep last night and so at 3 am I hopped onto SL and took some photos. This is what I came up with. Totally not being intentionally random but at 3 am some of this looked really good. The longer I was up the worse my outfits seemed to get.. at least in my mind. But then again, maybe they’re not so bad. After all, everyone’s worst critic is themselves, right?

❤ Aya

The Look:

Hair: Magika – Ren – brown
Skin: Heartsick – Spirit – Reverie in Violet Delight (10L$ on their cart at The Wash)
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect truegreen
Lashes: [chuculet] – Julia eyelashes
Tank: :.WoE.: – Manda butterfly tank – charcoal & brick
Top: OoEas! – Elegant Pearls Bustier – Southsea Pearl
Skirt: Rock Me Amadeus – Leather mini skirt – black
Jeans: Nayar – Anna Jeans – black & League – Woodstock Jeans – black
Boots: ALEIDA – Sarlotta Boots – orange
Jewelry: Ear Candy – Pink Mother of Pearl bangles (10L$ on their cart at The Wash)
Poses: Glitterati

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Teal

Hooray for making it to week 16! There were a few moments in there where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it or at the very least pulling my hair out was a viable option.

Last week I went cute and kinda casual – at least for me anyway. I was actually looking for something cozy and comfy to wear since I’ve been a bit sick but the nature of this challenge ends up being that rarely what you set out to wear do you actually end up wearing. I actually had this outfit out for new profile pics my friend is taking but since it’s  got teal I figured why bother changing my clothes? Guess I’m feeling lazy lol. Oh and yay for SL finally letting me put on my nails that I wanted to blog for last week’s color!!!! The dang v2 kept messing them up. As for next week’s color…gah…I better start my shopping now!

❤ Aya

The Look:

Hair: TRUTH – Francesca – Jupiter
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect truegreen
Lashes: [chuculet] – Julia eyelashes
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Isolde – Viviante dark
Lipstick: ::Exodi:: – Isolde Nuit liptstick – Deep Coral
Eye makeup: ::Exodi:: – Smokey shadows – Mint
Nails: ::Exodi:: – Nails – true red
Top: Nyte’N’Day – Plica top – Teal
Jeans: Nayar – Anna Jeans – black
Jewelry: ::MOOD:: – Pagani Copper (set) – ISSD hunt
Pose: Glitterati

Shopped OUT!

Hard to believe but I am sick of shopping! I’ve been doing hunts like crazy the past couple of weeks in addition to my normal shop-a-holic-ness (if that’s even a word lol). Therathe has been sooooo patient coming along with me on my hunts – two pairs of eyes are better than one! I think he’s more sick of my shopping than I am! If you can’t tell by the picture, we’re both fairly worn out.

You alive under there baby? Maybe I better go revive him…although I’m not sure I can get up at the moment….this could be a problem.

❤ Aya

Pose: Glitterati – Couple’s shopping 2

Iconically Sexy Birthday

The ICON Sim is celebrating the first birthday of it’s TOO SEXY magazine. If you haven’t been to the ICON sim lately or don’t know what it is – GO CHECK IT OUT! There are two full sims of fabulous stores and tons of great finds. Several of the stores have set out items set at either 20L$ 0L$, or 11L$, or  as a nod to the year 2011. The hunt runs until the 21st so you still have some time to go check it out. You’re looking for a little box that has this sign on it.

And now for the amazing things you can find…


Seldom Blue

The second gift is both lingerie and a gown

Morea Style (dress & accessories) & Iconic Couture (hair)

K-CODE (shirt) & ::MOOD:: (jewlery)

Make sure to check out the hunt and all the awesome gifts! I didn’t want to show off everything. You have to do the hunt to see the rest!

❤ Ayako

The Look:

Hair: TRUTH – Bebe – Espresso & Iconic Couture – Danae – Onyx
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Isolde -Soleil
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect truegreen
Lashes: [chuculet] – Julia eyelashes
Eye makeup: ::Exodi:: – Smokey Shadow – Black
Lipstick: ::Exodi:: – Isolde Lipsticks – Deep Coral
Lingerie: Blacklace – L.E. Mile High, Miguelina, & Midnight Affair and Seldom Blue – Petra (lingerie)
Gown: Seldom Blue – Francesca – Blush & Petra (gown)
Dress: Morea Style – Sylia – blue
Top: K-CODE – Carrie
Jewelry: ::MOOD:: – Pagani Ensemble – Copper
Accessories – Morea style – (Sylia) accessories – blue
Poses: Glitterati, Diesel Works, and Striking Poses

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Red

Kind of a short post tonight. It’s been a long week rl and I’m feeling really random so I’m keeping this short to avoid rambling too much.

Yay for week 15! I’ve been seeing red lately with the Valentine’s hunts and specials going and it’s making me a bit crazy. The song “Lady in Red” has been playing in my head, making me thoroughly sick of the color and almost making me not want to do the challenge this week.

It ended up being a lot harder to pick a red outfit to blog. I was determined to avoid doing a gown or lingerie because to me that seemed too typically Valentine’s. Oh and no hearts either. I’ve already blogged several heart things this week. The rest of my red shots will probably end up on flickr since I promised I would only pick one outfit to do.

My favorite thing about this is the skin. It’s called “Candy Kisses” and it’s from Exodi. This cute skin is only 50L$ right now right inside the door. It’s an exclusive makeup of their upcoming skin release Sylvan. I was excited to show off my new red nails but sadly SL wouldn’t save my edits to my fingers…grr……

❤ Ayako

The Look:

Hair: TRUTH – Gigi – Toffee
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Sylvan Viviante – Candy Kisses
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect truegreen
Dress: Gawk! – Red Mini Wool Dress
Earrings: [U&RDOGS] – :+*R*+: Ma Mere l’Oye Pierced Earrings (Free at the FabFree headquarters)
Pose: SEmotion

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – #14 Black

Black. It can symbolize everything and anything from formality and sophistication to darkness and fear.  Although black isn’t really a color even though we say it is. Black (as I learned in art class) is the absence of all color. A “shade” if you will.

I had the hardest time this week trying to decide on a black to wear for the challenge. Being snowed in this week gave me plenty of time to think.  Silly me thinking black would be an easy week because I have so much black in my inventory. I really wanted to run the spectrum black in my closet but that would be an extremely long post. I made a promise to myself to stick to only 1 look, as difficult as that was,  so here we go!

I gravitated towards the darker this week not really sure why. Time for something different I suppose. Maybe I was inspired by Luna’s black post. Either way I pushed for something outside my normal realm of cute and sassy. Kind of freaked me out but in a good way…if that makes any sense.

The dress comes from Phoenix Rising which sadly is now closed. I will most certainly miss it. The skin is called Isolde and is a base from Exodi. One of the great things about Exodi is the “build your own fatpack” option where you can put together your body with base skins, tattoos, eyes, etc. This skin is currently free in the lucky chairs if you don’t mind waiting around for a bit. Looking forward to doing red next week!

❤ Aya

The Look:

Hair: TRUTH – Bebe – night
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect truegreen
Lashes:  [chuculet] – Julia eyelashes
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Isolde – Viviante Dark
Lipstick: ::Exodi:: -Isolde Makeup – Cornielle – Black lipstick
Dress: Phoenix Rising – Darken Bliss (no longer open)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody – BARE Audrey – Black
Poses: Striking Poses – Dirty girl 1 and  Posies – ANTM Amanda & ANTM Katie