52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Electric Lime

My first thoughts on electric lime were argh! eek! and seriously?! And I thought doing sepia was hard! I still love you anyways Luna! Actually though once I got into it, I had a lot of fun.

Electric lime to me is somewhere between chartreuse and neon yellow. I can honestly say I had absolutely NOTHING in my closet resembling this color. I went retro 80’s with a bit of  Richard Simmons a la “Sweating to the Oldies” vibe.  Or better yet, Olivia Newton John’s “Physical”.  It seemed to fit electric lime – the 80’s with all the bright colors and wacky (but cool) styles and the funky background was the perfect finishing touch.

Is it sweaty in here or is it just me?

Anyone feel like doing the YMCA with me?

I usually go with whatever is in my inventory and try as hard as possible not to go and buy new things for my challenge post each week seeing as I usually add about 50 new things to my closet after I check out everyone’s post and see all the darling, fun things they blogged. My inventory has grown so much in the past 2 months it’s insane! For sure most of the stores I frequent don’t create items that bright.

After perusing the marketplace I wasn’t finding much I liked. Desperate for something, anything neon/electric lime-y I peeked at Whippet & Buck and there…success! This boat-neck sweater seemed like the perfect color for the week – even if it’s not called lime. Actually, it might be a bit more neon yellow-y but let’s call it electric lime. From there Gawk! because they have some seriously sweet legwarmers I’ve been wanting for awhile and my retro look seemed like the perfect excuse to pick them up. The hair from TRUTH completed my look. The cute, messy up-do just says  “workout” to me. Electric lime I believe I have conquered you! Bring on the next challenge! Although maybe not…ecru….hmm…

❤ Ayako

The Look:

Hair: TRUTH – Neve – auburn (streaked)
Skin: Style by Kira – Elora skin (10L$ on their cart at The Wash)
Shirt: [W & B] – Cole Boatneck top – Rio Grande
Shorts: Nyte’N’Day – Amity Boy Shorts – Grey
Arm/Legwarmers: Gawk! – Black Wool Arm/Legwarmers
Shoes: [PM] – Plain Baby T’s – Lime
Poses: *ES* and Diesel Works


5 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Electric Lime

  1. I love the look! I was dismayed at first by the color choice, but look how everyone has risen to the challenge! Your combination is brilliant (no pun intended) and does complete justice to electric lime!

  2. Great look and I love the kinda 80’s theme. I remember Richard Simmons in his funky little shorts ..and I emphasize the word little. lol. Also remember the Physical Video with ONJ..omg, I am old. LOL

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