52 Weeks of Color Challenge – White

This has been by far one of the most difficult weeks for me not because of the color – I have so much white in my closet it’s insane – but because of 1. my “no dresses” rule for this week, and 2. because I pulled my husband into doing it with me.

I spent some time this week reflecting on my blog and the challenge. I noticed how many dresses I blog –  which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. SL has brought out my feminine side because I really love wearing dresses. However, part of my decision to blog was so that I could kinda be pushed outside my comfort zone fashion wise. The point was to start trying both new styles and new designers  to stretch myself a bit and I’ve been rather lazy with that. Doing this color challenge has sent me places I wouldn’t necessarily have thought to shop before unless someone else directed me there. I love that I’ve discovered new designers and have added several landmarks to my favorites folder. On the converse of that 90% of my blog posts involve at least 1 dress if not more. So here I am pushing myself out of my usual fashion and into something different.

Trying to get my husband Therathe to participate was another challenge. The actual convincing of him didn’t take much effort. A bit of eyelash batting and booty shaking and he was on board. The difficulty was the hour and a half spent shopping trying to find just the right white outfit for him which ended up being just a white polo from Alphamale. Apparently, he really doesn’t “do” white, especially not white pants.  I suppose if I had tried a bit harder I could have persuaded him into white shoes as well but I was too tired. Oh well. I still love him even though he wouldn’t put on white pants for me.

Not looking forward to next week. Banana Mania? Really? I didn’t even know that was color! In fact, I’m not even sure what color it is based off the strip but I’m assuming it’s some type of yellow????? Banana = yellow, sort of makes sense. But what’s a challenge without unusual unknown colors.

❤ Ayako

The Look:
Hair: Tonic Hair (not sure if it’s still around) – Titus – Soil
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio – Eclipse 2b
Shirt: Alphamale – Polo shirt – white
Jeans: Gothicatz
Shoes: McChucks

Skin: LAQ
Sweater: FK Virtues – Half Cut – Roll Neck Sweater – white
Pants: AQUA @ ICON sim – Casual Whisper
Shoes: G*Field – Knot Wedge Sandal – white

Couples Poses: MAGNIFIQUE


8 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge – White

  1. how very cute!
    And yes, the Challenge is a great way to go do things out of our comfort zone, finding outfits or places we think are not “us” – and what better way than to share with someone?

  2. REALLY cute Aya…and your man looks hot…even if he only wore a white polo…:) My partner came to me this week and wanted to be involved…and he DOES do white…so it was pretty easy for him…although I would NEVER think to try to dress him…that is something that he does NOT “do”…LOL But I always like what he picks out…so it is ok.

    I always want to wear gowns for the color challenge…so I have been trying to wear something else as well…although…I AM kinda a dress girl. I have to admit, I follow your blog and have often been jealous of what I thought was a “natural” kind of casual comfy way of dressing. You pull it off so well!

  3. Thanks to all of you ladies! So appreciate the compliments ❤

    @ El. I don't usually try to dress him but this week he said if he was going to do it with me I needed to help him shop.
    @ Maya.. LOL…no pants would have been good too.

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