Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

While I’ve meant to blog this one for awhile; rl and the color challenge had me sidetracked and I almost forgot about this. The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser has been going on for a while now. Something like 400 designers have come together in one locationand have out out one of a kind, new, or best selling items with most or all of the proceeds from the sale of their items being given to help out Japan.

This one is particularly close to my heart and I really encourage you to go if you haven’t stopped by already. I have several friends both American and Japanese there who have been affected even minorly by the earthquake and tsunami. John* is 2  hours from the majority of the devastation and is still hit by regular blackouts as a result of the earthquake. He ‘s not going to come back to the US for another month yet so he can help out. Mia’s* father-in-law’s house was damaged in the earthquake.

There are so many amazing things to buy there and it all goes to a country definitely in need.  Almost all the items are 100% donation. A select few are 80%. I tried to only pick items that are a full donation to the PCF.

From Exile comes this beautiful hair “Sakura” in 4 different colors for $200L.

Insatiable Fashions put out this Lia dress in two styles for $150L. The one shown below and white with black paisley print.

This darling flower-like dress Gojiscus dress is from Magoa at $140L. I think I’ll be wearing this one for awhile 🙂

BOUNCE put out this CELIA springy, flirty,white dress at $200L with several different options to wear it. I’ve shown 2 of them below. I think this one is a 50% donation? I forget now >.< It’s still awesome though.

I absolutely love this Hope necklace from Statique. It’s an exclusive release for the PCF priced at $199L.  This one went right into my favorites folder. Along with the cashmere scoop neck blouse from justB which is $99L. LOVE them!

The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser goes on until April 10th so there’s still a week and a half to run over and pick up some awesome items to help out Japan!

❤ Aya

*Real names were not used in the interest of keeping them anonymous.

Poses: poses used were ones created for the PCF by *~*Hopscotch*~* & aDORKable poses


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