52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Banana Mania

First off let me say that I didn’t know such a color existed. *laughs* And asparagus next week? Should I start looking forward to more food-named colors?

This week my husband agreed to do the challenge with me a bit more willingly. We had so much fun planning this and I *did* let him dress himself… sort of. So here we go…a typical morning (in banana mania) at the Petrovic household.

Okay so I lied. We don’t look like this first thing in the morning because I don’t and probably wouldn’t wear heels and lingerie at 8 am. It’s a bit closer to this…probably in RL too. lol

❀ Ayako

The Look:

Hair: *NJoy*: Da curlers amber hair
Lingerie: Blacklace – Crush – Yellow satin mesh camisole & bottom
Shoes: G*Field – Knot wedge sandal – white
Bathrobe: Polyogn Fashion House – Deluxe bathrobe – yellow

Underwear: *Unplugged* – Men’s brief – yellow
Boxers: [KAYFO]Β  – Banana boxers
T-shirt: Just4yucks – Tally Me Banana black t-shirt

Furniture: {what next} – Mirabelle tea for two complete set


10 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Banana Mania

  1. Love those pix … tho of course I look like fresh from the red carpet every morning πŸ˜‰ … *grins*
    actually … you look a lot more comfy on the second pic, but a bit freezing on the first … lol

  2. aw lol great change of mood from the first to the second!
    uhm… I guess I’d be somewhere in between.
    Hanging around in my nightie, hair all over the place still, no heels though!
    And I tend to be bitchy until I’ve had my coffee πŸ˜›

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