One of my big pet peeves…cheaply made clothing at expensive prices. My semi-new sweater which I paid $40 (on sale!) for in RL has a hole in it. I’ve worn it 3 times now and just washed it this last week (following the directions on the tag) and now there’s a hole in it. A pretty decent sized one too. I’m not sure if that can even be repaired. I took it back today receipt and all, to see if the store would do anything like a refund or an exchange even an apology saying I just got a very rare crap piece…even though I really didn’t expect them to. Nada. Which I suppose I shouldn’t be irritated but I did kind of hope for an apology at the very least.  I’m not sure I want to shop there again which bums me out because I really like their clothes over priced as they are.


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