52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Eggplant

I checked my pantry this week.. no eggplant. And I’ve never had an eggplant in there ever. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with the thing. Well I take that back. I know you can stuff it or something like that and some of  my southern friends fry it but if you handed me a recipe and an eggplant I’d probably look at you rather blankly. I’ve never had the desire to even attempt any type of eggplant cooking. Doesn’t sound appealing to me in the least. And I don’t plan on cooking eggplant anytime in the near future unless Therathe gets a sudden craving for the odd purple vegetable. Can someone get me a rhubarb or a potato?

This week the color is eggplant purple. Aubergine to some. Whatever you call it I found it to be a bit of a pain this week. I have so many purple things in my closet, almost as much as I do of blue. Overwhelmed in a sea of purple I tried about 15 different outfits on and bought several more pieces in hopes that something would click with me.  Success came at The Sea Hole where I found these sparkly purple pants appropriately named eggplant.

[15:53]  Ayako Firecaster: Check these out! They’re called eggplant.
[15:54]  Kaiden Diavolo: seriously?
[15:54]  Ayako Firecaster: lol. what?
[15:54]  Kaiden Diavolo: they’re sparkly
[15:54]  Ayako Firecaster: I know. awesome right? AND they’re called eggplant
[15:55]  Kaiden Diavolo: umm ok..
[15:57]  Ayako Firecaster: you don’t like them?
[15:57]  Kaiden Diavolo: sequins is not really my thing. maybe in black i might
[15:57]  Ayako Firecaster: but we’re not shopping for you
[15:59]  Kaiden Diavolo: true lol

And my success with my first look prompted about 5 more outfits but not quite as awesome as the first. I narrowed it down to 3. I’ll only post 2 here but all of them are shown on my Flickr account.

Yes that is an eggplant on my shoulder. I found this little guy on the marketplace and I couldn’t resist! Too funny! Supposedly you can get it to talk but I haven’t messed with that yet.

And Me & Kaiden… because she put up with my crazy childlike ADDness with sparkly pants.

❤ Ayako
Look 1:
Hair: TRUTH – Tatum – Mahogany
Skin: LAQ – Maria Glow Skins – Peach 01 (from Project FUR Japan)
Makeup: ::Exodi::  – Smokey Shadow – Violet
Jacket: JANE – Essence jacket – Raven
Shirt: Gawk! – White lace bandeau top
Pants: The Sea Hole – Sequin jeans – Eggplant
Boots: G*Field – Short Belt Emma Boots – Black
Pose: Striking Poses

Look 2:
Nails: ::Exodi:: – Plum nails
Shirt: Grixdale – Love Stoned V’s – Purps
Eggplant: -RC Creations: Cute Little Eggplant (marketplace only)
Skirt: RockMe Amadeus – Black leather mini skirt (not shown)
Leggings: [IF] – Lacy leggings – Grape (not shown)
Pose: Striking Poses


12 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Eggplant

  1. I don’t eat eggplant either, I would not know what the heck to do with it, even watching cooks fry it up on FoodNetworkTV does not look appealing to me. I would much rather look at it and admire it from..afar. LOL

    Your both sooo cute!! =)

    • Great post and you look awesome! I really love it when I find items that are actually called the color I am looking for…hehe. And I actually don’t mind eggplant lasagna, but roasted eggplant…yuck.

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