I’ve been looking around at all the amazing photos on peoples blogs and I have to say I’m suffering a bit from photo envy. My poor little computer isn’t high tech enough for a fancy graphics card and hard as I work to take great pics I still feel like mine fall a bit flat. Especially since there are so many amazingly realistic ones out there that have shadows and not jagged edges. I did get the chance this past weekend to use a friend’s computer for my color challenge pics and I loved every second of it.  Here I am – being honest –  even if it is a bit silly feeling envious of virtual pics.


52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Ruby

It’s been a rather long and hectic week in RL which didn’t leave me a lot of time or energy for blogging. This week’s color is ruby. At first when I saw the color strip I was a tad hesitant because it looked very pinkish. But once I took time and thought about it ruby is actually more reddish. It took a lot of thought for this one. I sifted through marketplace and went store to store looking for just the right shade or ruby for my photo. I saw lots of things I liked but nothing was right. Silly me though, I found the perfect dress right in my closet. I should have realized all along that my closet is one of the best places to shop. hehe. Here’s my ruby.

I can’t wait for Denim next week! If you haven’t realized this yet and I think I’ve said it about 90 million times but once again I need to say I LOVE blue.

❤ Ayako

The Look:
Hair: Magika
Skin: LAQ
Dress: .:Acid & Mala Creations:. – Koi dress – red (from help Japan)
Shoes: G*Field – Ribbon slingbacks – red
Poses: *ES*

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Neon Carrot

I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with neon carrot. In fact, the name is so out there that I wasn’t sure it was a real color. But yes Google has erased any doubts in my mind. I didn’t realize until this week there was a crayon called neon carrot.

This week I have been so busy in my RL that I haven’t had much time to plan for this one at all. But here it is sort of thrown together at the last minute. Surprisingly it turned out pretty good.

Next week’s color is Ruby. Now that I can do even if it is kinda pinkish. It’s not more orange so that makes me happy. I’m hoping there are no more insane colors like Macaroni Green or Jazzberry Jam- thank you Crayola for all your whacked out crayon names.

❤ Ayako

The Look:
Hair: Truth – Miku 2 – copper
Skin: Laqroki – Maria – peach
Dress: MuismTropic dress/swimsuit – orange
Shoes: A-BOMB – Katy – tangerine (also available at the Shoe Fair)
Nails: Exodi – Spring nails – Monarch option (available in the Lucky chair)
Lip color: M.O.C.K Cosmetics – Buccaneer lip gel
Poses: !bang (such cute poses Luna) & Striking Poses

Shoe Loooove

These shoes are new from Pixel Mode and they’re at the Shoe Fair. I’m totally in love with them 110%. As much as I love prim toed shoes because they look so pretty – I usually have a difficult time tinting them to match my skin. Some are worse than others but these actually were pretty easy which thrills me even more.

❤ Aya

The Look:
Skin: Exodi
Dress: The Sea Hole
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Pose: Posies

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Pink

On a regular basis I am not a huge fan of pink – in either life. I usually moan or complain when it comes to me having to wear pink of any kind. I don’t hate the pink I just don’t love it. I was dreading doing pink this week but I have to say, once I figured out what I was going to do for my picture, I got a tiny bit excited.

My inspiration came from the my favorite pinkish girly icon from the 80’s. Not it’s not Barbie…it’s JEM! Truly outrageous I know. She was one of my idols as a kid. What could be cooler than a high-tech super holographic computer that changes you into a rock star? So this is me taking on Jem and I had tons of fun shopping and getting dressed. And a special thank you to the dear friend (you know who you are) who listened to my endless questions about photo shop and walked me through online tutorials to get the effects I wanted for my second pic.

Me & Jem

Rocking out with The Holograms

Next week  is Neon Carrot. Is that like highlighter orange? Not sure what to think of that yet. I’m just hoping we don’t do 14 different takes on orange like we did with brown

❤ Ayako

The Look:
Hair: Alli&Ali – Hilary Hair – Pink
Skin: Exodi – Sophie – Lumiere (May group gift)
Eyeshadow: :PYNKZ: – Jem Shadowz – Fuschia
Lipstick: M.O.C.K Cosmetics – Magenta Lip Creme
Jacket: Emery – Biker Jacket – Fuschia
Dress: Myself – Amy dress – Pink
Tights: Gawk! – White nylon tights
Gloves: DeeTaleZ – White lace gloves
Shoes: {Cherry} – Classic Pumps – Hot Pink
Poses: Embody & Glitterati

Hehe…almost forgot this. Yeah Jem!

The Beauty of Nature

I love spring. It’s hands down my favorite season because of the way nature shows up after a long, dreary and cold winter and then BAM! color and life everywhere! I took the scenic route home today which adds another 20 minutes to my drive but it is so worth it to see all of the gorgeous yards and the beauty of nature out in full force. This tree has always been a particular favorite of mine. We had one near my house growing up. I almost stopped and asked a homeowner for one of the blossoms. Even though pink is not my favorite color I just love the texture and appearance of the flowers on the Saucer Magnolia. Yay for spring! (p.s. This isn’t my own photo – just wanted to share it.)

❤ Ayako