I’ve been looking around at all the amazing photos on peoples blogs and I have to say I’m suffering a bit from photo envy. My poor little computer isn’t high tech enough for a fancy graphics card and hard as I work to take great pics I still feel like mine fall a bit flat. Especially since there are so many amazingly realistic ones out there that have shadows and not jagged edges. I did get the chance this past weekend to use a friend’s computer for my color challenge pics and I loved every second of it.  Here I am – being honest –  even if it is a bit silly feeling envious of virtual pics.


2 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Not silly at all Aya! I feel a lot the same way…and I DO have some of the things you were talking about…just lack the basic skills and knowledge…:/ But I am working on it. Do you have ANY kind of program that you can post edit your pics with. Even without a good graphics card and/or shadows….post editing makes LOADS of difference. Also, I take my pictures as big as possible and then size them down to a 512X512. That will get rid of LOADS of “fuzzies”! Just a thought if you have not tried it, lovie! Us Firecasters have to stick together….LOL

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