52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Mahogany

Whoohoo it’s week 33 and I’ve managed to survive yet another brown week! I think I did okay but there’s something about shades of brown that is just kind of uninspiring.  Even more difficult was that my internet and SL seemed to conspire against me yesterday when I was trying to do pics. Not only did it take me most of the week to find any clothes even remotely mahogany looking, when I got set up to take the pics I kept crashing. Somehow I muddled through the mess and the craziness and came up with these pics.

Originally I had a pose chair and this cute lingerie from {mon tissu} and I was planning on doing like a pinup type thing. Alas the top wouldn’t rez in right to me and neither would the textures on the chair. Go figure.  So Plan B I took off the bra and put on the scarf from Zeery hoping that between it and my hair my boobs would be mostly covered. But since that didn’t really work, I pulled out some poses from Glitterati that Katy had released back in October for Breast Cancer awareness. So yay now I’m mostly covered. (Rathe is so going to kill me when he sees these pics). The slightly sunburnt cheeks  from *BOOM* were from another post but I kept them because I think it kind of makes it look like my av is blushing a bit.  (I’m not used to showing off this much skin.) Now off to get dressed and start thinking about next week. Mauve…hmm…

❤ Aya

Panties: {mon tissu}
Scarf: {Zeery}
Shoes: [Decoy]
Poses: Glitterati


10 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Mahogany

  1. Aww, the blushing is so cute! And I know -exactly- what you mean with when things don’t work and you just have to try something else. Sometimes things just don’t click and have to be approached from completely new angle, as timeconsuming and frustrating it can be. The result is awesome though, love the scarf~

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