52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Electric Blue

I have to say that Electric Blue was less daunting than Electric Lime was. I feel like I didn’t really find the right tone of blue but I’m still fairly happy with the result.

Bright and neon colors make me think retro but I couldn’t come up with anything for this week that was 80’s-ish or even anything before that. I took a big step outside my comfort zone this week trying to do something a little more edgy than cute. The sweet and pretty things are easy for me for some reason even though my RL personality is more tomboyish than feminine but I guess SL brings out my deeply buried inner girly-girl? Who knows. Here’s what I came up with for week 35:

❀ Aya

Hair: TRUTH – Enix –Β  Copper
Glam Affair – Layla Light (special @ The Dressing Room this week)
Exodi – Reddish Lipsticks
[Cynful] – RaRa TopBlack
DP – Lace Plaid Skirt – Electric Blue
G*Field – Short Belt Emma Boots – Black
[MAGIC NOOK] – Vintage DJ Earrings (@ TDR)


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