Be Kind – De Prim

With the opening of the hair fair and the new Truth Districts, just a little reminder to de-prim. It’ll make your shopping experience and others so much more enjoyable. Please make sure to take off your bling, facelights or anything scripted or primmed out. There is no need to be a diva lag queen since most of the people won’t rez to you anyway. In fact, the less you can put on the better. Better yet, go in bald!

You can always check your Avatar Rendering Costs (ARC’s) before you go in. The lower the number the better. Now there are always a few people who go in scripted and primmed to the nines. You can combat that by opening your ADVANCED menu (Ctrl Atl D) go to the debug settings and type in ‘RenderAvatarMax’ set the viability between 1-5. Then you don’t need to see all those lag causing people. The Hair Fair blog also has a post full of lag combating tips & tricks.

❤ Ayako


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