52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Patriarch

I have to admit, when I saw the name of this week’s color I was very confused. I had never heard of patriarch, so to Google I went.  What I discovered is that patriarch is the traditional name for purple. The color swatch Luna gave us should have been my hint but apparently not. Oh well!

Once I figured that out, it made my life so much happier. Purple is one of my favorite colors and since I have lots of it in my inventory, I had a pretty easy week. My pictures were done on Wednesday which is the earliest I’ve ever finished. Usually it comes down to a Thursday night spent frantically searching inventory and/or marketplace for something that that is a close shade to the color swatch given.

It’s been super hot here lately so doing something beachy/summery seemed like a perfect idea. Have to make sure I protect myself when I’m laying out in the sun!

❤ Aya

Delicious Designs (on hiatus)
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