Roller Rink Fun!

I’ve been meaning to blog these skates for awhile and they’ve been sitting in my inventory waiting for just the right time. These skates from justB remind me of my childhood.

I loved roller skates when I was a kid. My middle school was anti-dance trying to save us some discomfort, so instead we had skating parties. Like that was any less embarrassing. The idea was that you would go with a group of friends and just enjoy skating together and having fun. There was always the inevitable “couples skate” though. Who thought it wasn’t uncomfortable to line up the boys on one side and the girls on the other to let the boys pick their partner. The whole time you’re secretly praying that the boy you like will ask you to skate with him. Seriously? Anyway, at least now I have someone to skate with.

Although the two of us trying to get up on skates nowadays might be a bit of a disaster.

❤ Ayako

On Aya:
Shirt: paper.doll
Jeans: Grixdale
Skates: justB

On Rathe:
Jacket: SEY
Shirt: Alphamale (past hunt gift)
Jeans: GothiCatz

Pose: !bang


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