52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Chartreuse

Hard to believe that 41 weeks have flown by so quickly! The end of the challenge is rapidly approaching, but I’ll try and hold onto my feelings until then.

Chartreuse was quite a challenge. It’s definitely not one of my favorite colors. I’ve been shopping all week trying to find just the right yellowy-green that is chartreuse. I stumbled across this shirt-dress on marketplace while I was shopping for something else and turns out it is just the right color!

Liver gray next week…what a horrible name for a color but it should be pretty manageable. We’ll see…

ā¤ Aya

Hair: TRUTHFrancesca
LAQ – Susan
<B&T Designs> – Lace Biker Bish
Seldom Blue – Romana
Posies and !bang


16 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Chartreuse

  1. I love the expression & pose in the first picture, you look both vulnerable and somewhat defensive even, like you just got walked in on and you’re not quite sure how you feel about it. And I agree that I never thought chartreuse could be this sexy, excellent job!

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