52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Wenge

So I sort of knew that wenge was a kind of furniture, but a color too??? My world is forever been changed now that wenge is on the color palette. Aren’t there enough shades of brown already without adding this one? But what a monster of a color it was. I think I banged my head a few times trying to find the right outfit to wear for this week. I pulled out every single piece of brown that I had hoping and wishing I would find the right one. Feeling too tired to shop in-world, I went to marketplace which turned out to be even more headache inducing than I thought it would be. It took 2 hours of shopping online for me to decide on this outfit from The Sea Hole. So here is my wenge-ish post.

I’m hoping next week will be easier but I guess you don’t call it a challenge for no reason right?

❤ Ayako

Hair: Analog Dog – Baby-  Cocoa
Skin:  LAQ – Susan – Fair
The Sea Hole – Gleam Team Tunic – Chocolate
fri. – Basic flats – Cream
Posies (no longer open?)


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