It Ain’t Over Til the Fat Lady Sings!

I highly doubt the Vintage Fair will have a fat lady singing but you get my point. It’s still going! (Just in case your forgot.) I decided on one last vintage look in honor of the last week of the fair. I don’t usually consider the 80’s “vintage” but it’s included in the description so I went with it!

Honestly, I’m much more a child of the 90’s than the 80’s since I remember the 90’s better, but having older siblings I do recall bits and pieces of the 1980’s. I rocked out to a Paula Abdul tape that I “borrowed” from my sister’s collection – but only when my parents couldn’t hear me. I puff painted t-shirts until I had a closet full and begged my mom for “stir-up leggings” so I could look like the big girls.

Nostalgic for the past I picked an 80’s look that I built around this great dress from Gawk!. The tights form [Sleeping Koala], while not necessarily an 80’s specific item, fit the look with the pretty bright colors. The shoes are from House of Curios and are color change scripted. They’ve been a definite staple in my wardrobe since I can match them to so many outfits. My hair from TRUTH (LOVE!) and it makes me feel sort of retro with the headbands. I accessorized with these fun vintage record earrings from Magic Nook that I got at a past TDR. My final touch was the bright blue eye shadow from ee. and I love that it matches my tights! Now I sit and ponder what else I could possible need/want from the vintage fair on my giant lego from the Trapped in the 80’s hunt from a couple years ago. Enjoy the last few days of the fair and I really hope they do this again next year.

❤ Ayako

Hair: Truth – Neve – Carrot
LAQ – Maria – Peach
Eye shadow: 
ee. – Linter – Deep Sea
Earrings: [Magic Nook]
– Vintage DJ Earrings (past TDR item)
Gawk! @ Vintage Fair – Black & White Wool Striped Dress
[Sleeping Koala] @ Vintage Fair – Suspender Tights (straps)
HOC – Bolts Sneakers
Prop: :[MudHoney]: Designs
 – Color Change Hangout Lego (past hunt gift)


Alphabet Challenge: L

L is for Love or LoveLace rather- my favorite brand of lingerie.

❤ Aya

Hair: LeLutka – Mourray – Auburn Haze
LAQ – Maria – Peach
Luck Inc. – Button Down Shirt – Charcoal (from the men’s department)
<3LoveLace<3 by PixelDolls – Cupcake – Raspberry
[Lauria] – Double Boheme necklace and Boheme Earrings
Boots: Berries Inc. –
Linda Boots – Choco (no longer open)

Introducing Nzuri Home

Nzuri Home is a new SL shop by Tracy Rubble specializing in home decor.  Tracy has a few really cute things that you can pick up to add little something extra to your sl home. These pieces are part of her “Script” bathroom set.  (Script as in design with words, not to be confused with ‘sl scripting’).
We don’t have a bathroom in our skybox, but I think I’ll leave this up for awhile because it’s just so cute.  It looks like something you might order out of a nice catalog in RL or you might pick up at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The bath tub is my own that I set up to add to the pic and not part of the “Script” set from Nzuri, but they look so great together.

Also from Nzuri Home is this bistro set. The table is perfect for our “cafe corner” where we have a little bar area set up. The table comes with the flower vase and coffee mug and a cupcake for you to munch on while you sip your coffee.

If you have a chance, be sure to stop by Tracy’s shop and check out what she has to offer.

❤ Ayako

Nzuri Home – Script Bathroom set includes: Poster, soap dish, tooth brush cup, soap pump and towel stack.*

Nzuri Home – Tealight Holders (Set of 3) shown in clay and pink*

Nzuri Home – Bisto table, Bistro mug, vase with flowers, and cupcake*

Tub: Glitterati

* indicates promotional copies

The Roaring 20’s

It’s another round of Aya bought way too much at the Vintage Fair! I just can’t help myself. Every time I think I’m done, I find something else I want. This time it was shopping for Therathe, since I couldn’t let him totally off the hook. We hit the Vintage Fair and picked up some very nice looking clothes for him. There isn’t a lot in the way of men’s shopping but what they do have is stellar! Here’s more vintage fun for you:

I feel so classy with my fancy cigarette holder! lol

❤ Ayako

On Aya:
Truth – Faith – Jupiter
LAQ – Susan – Fair
[PM] – Sculpted Nails – Gloss
League @ Vintage Fair – Sakura
[PM] – Baby T’s – Black
[Dolly] @ Vintage Fair – Ciggy Holder

On Rathe:
Hair: Tonic – Jai – Soil 
The Abyss – Scorpio – Eclipse
Outfit: Mayden Couture @ Vintage Fair – Andrew Outfit
SF Design – Laced Chippendales Dress Shoes

Prop: LostAngel Industries – Gentlemen’s couch

Alphabet Challenge: J

J is for Jenny – this gorgeous skin.

❤ Ayako

Hair: Truth – Jacqueline – Pecan
[Al Vulo!] – Jenny – Fairy – Orchid
JANE – Tailgate Sweater – Navy
JANE – Intrinsic Tanks – Concord
justB – Frayed unisex jeans – Light Wash (past group gift)
justB – Rainbow Rollerskates – Black/Gray

Indyra Originals @ Vintage Fair

So I made it back into the fair today but crashed and so I was only able to get this one item from Indyra Originals. I love the high necked ruffles on the blouse. I paired it with this vanity from Lost Angel. The poses aren’t the greatest for using with a skirt but I thought the old fashioned look of the vanity went well with the outfit.

❤ Aya

Hair: Truth – Jocelyn – Auburn
LAQ – Susan – Fair
KOSH – Hibernation Earrings
Indyra Originals @ Vintage Fair – Jessamine
Stockings: *LOW*
– Seemed Lace Stockings – Black
Shoes: {Cherry} – The Lovely Petals Pumps – Black
Vanity: LostAngel – Dressing Room Table