52 Weeks of Color Challenge: 15 Faves

I’ve spent a lot of time looking over my flickr this week and so many memories came flooding back to me. I see those pictures from the first few weeks and think “Gah! What was I thinking?” While I am by no means an expert photographer, this past year I’ve learned so much about taking pictures and advanced my Photoshop skills. I’ve upgraded my computer and while it’s not brand new, at least it’s new to me. This challenge has helped me to become a better blogger as well. I discovered new stores while I expanded my vocabulary of colors. I learned about adding slurls to my posts and giving more details about the outfits I’m wearing. I tend to be a bit of a slow learner so I can’t imagine where I’d be right now without this past year.

It was so difficult picking just 15 but here they are:

1. Jade 1 (32 of 52), 2. Ayako electic lime 3 (17 of 52), 3. Aya periwinkle 2 (25 of 52), 4. Ayako sienna (10 of 52), 5. ayako jem & band (28 of 52), 6. Jazzberry (41 of 52), 7. Ayako banana 2 (22 of 52), 8. Ayako Liver (43 of 52), 9. Aya cream (51 of 52), 10. Eggplant babes 2 (24 of 52), 11. Ayako bronze 1 (45 of 52), 12. Aya taupe (12 of 52), 13. Aya Olive 2 (27 of 52), 14. Ayako patriarch 2 (38 of 52), 15. Aya green 1 (8 of 52)

❤ Ayako


8 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: 15 Faves

  1. yep … choosing 15 favs is tough … thanx for all the cool colour-posts you’ve made … they were all a joy to look at 🙂
    Hope you’ll be in round 2 as well 🙂 … *hugs*

  2. I love all the different moods you have shown throughout the challenge, from your calm and reflective patriarch to that dazzling electric lime:) Hope to see you in the next challenge ♥

  3. I can hardly wait for the next round to begin!
    @ Jasmine: Thanks for the encouragement!
    @ Maya: Thank you and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next time!
    @ Bourbie: Thanks. I was intentionally going for ones that stood out from each other.

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