It Ain’t Over Til the Fat Lady Sings!

I highly doubt the Vintage Fair will have a fat lady singing but you get my point. It’s still going! (Just in case your forgot.) I decided on one last vintage look in honor of the last week of the fair. I don’t usually consider the 80’s “vintage” but it’s included in the description so I went with it!

Honestly, I’m much more a child of the 90’s than the 80’s since I remember the 90’s better, but having older siblings I do recall bits and pieces of the 1980’s. I rocked out to a Paula Abdul tape that I “borrowed” from my sister’s collection – but only when my parents couldn’t hear me. I puff painted t-shirts until I had a closet full and begged my mom for “stir-up leggings” so I could look like the big girls.

Nostalgic for the past I picked an 80’s look that I built around this great dress from Gawk!. The tights form [Sleeping Koala], while not necessarily an 80’s specific item, fit the look with the pretty bright colors. The shoes are from House of Curios and are color change scripted. They’ve been a definite staple in my wardrobe since I can match them to so many outfits. My hair from TRUTH (LOVE!) and it makes me feel sort of retro with the headbands. I accessorized with these fun vintage record earrings from Magic Nook that I got at a past TDR. My final touch was the bright blue eye shadow from ee. and I love that it matches my tights! Now I sit and ponder what else I could possible need/want from the vintage fair on my giant lego from the Trapped in the 80’s hunt from a couple years ago. Enjoy the last few days of the fair and I really hope they do this again next year.

❤ Ayako

Hair: Truth – Neve – Carrot
LAQ – Maria – Peach
Eye shadow: 
ee. – Linter – Deep Sea
Earrings: [Magic Nook]
– Vintage DJ Earrings (past TDR item)
Gawk! @ Vintage Fair – Black & White Wool Striped Dress
[Sleeping Koala] @ Vintage Fair – Suspender Tights (straps)
HOC – Bolts Sneakers
Prop: :[MudHoney]: Designs
 – Color Change Hangout Lego (past hunt gift)


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