12 Days of Lingerie Challenge – Day 1 & 2

I’m up to my knees in challenges lately but it’s been good for my writer’s block because I haven’t been in the mood to do anything else lately. Or rather I just haven’t been inspired. Either way, I’m loving challenges right now. I heard about this one on plurk called the 12 days of lingerie challenge. It started yesterday and runs until V-day. Details are here at juicybomb.com.

Rathe joined me for my first pic. He is all for anything that gets me in my underwear SL or RL lol.

Day 2

❤ Ayako

Day 1

On Ayako:
Hair: Magika – Distracted
Skin: Exodi
 – Sophie – Viviante (past group gift)
Lingerie: Blacklace – Boy shorts & bra (past hunt gift)

On Therathe:
Hair: Tonic – Titus – Soil
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio – Ecplise
Boxers: Alphamale – Silk Boxers – Green


Day 2
Hair: TRUTH 
[Pink Fuel] 
<3LoveLace – Cupcake – Raspberry
Essential Soul


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