Today is Sunday

Day 4 of the underwear challenge!

Seems like a bit of a redundant title perhaps. But that’s the name of these super cute panties. I found them buried in the bowels of my inventory this morning – an old group gift from Mischief. (While Mischief isn’t open any longer, Janie Marlowe continues to create in SL with her store JANE. Love it!) It took a bit of dusting and washing to make these wearable again. The panties are a part of a set, each with a day of the week on them. I’ve always wanted a pair in RL although I’m not entirely sure why. Cute I guess.

I really don’t do semi-nude shots very often. Somewhat out of being self-conscious but mostly because I don’t want my blog to be full of T&A. That being said, I really couldn’t find anything to pair with these panties that seemed to fit so here I am showing off but still trying to cover my pixel boobies.

❤ Ayako

Hair: TRUTH – Kitty – Walnut (streaked)
LAQ – Maria – Peach
Panties: Mischief
– Today is Sunday panties
GLITTERATI (Breast Cancer Awareness pose from a couple of years ago)


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