Time for Fashion

Hello Second Life this is Kaiden writing! *waves* Aya is letting me write her post today so yay!

After much begging and prodding I tped her into the Fashion For Life event to go shopping with me. (A free outfit helps when all other tactics fail.) I was so surprised by the almost non-existent lag I almost fell right off my chair! The sims are so interesting though and I loved being able to shop without constantly crashing.

Back to Aya and FFL though. We made our way across the event’s multiple sims, stopping first at shops we both know and love and then moving on to personal favorites as well as the lesser known shops. We put our shopping focus on the donation/FFL-exclusive vendors at each spot as we teleported around the event looking for the best deals. I also bought a few non-donation items that were just too cute to pass up.

Almost two hours and several hundred possibly even several thousand L$ later we ended up back at my home. It didn’t matter how tired we were or that I had a camming-induced headache forming, the two of us sat and unpacked all our purchases and had our own mini fashion show. Before I knew it we were taking pictures and giggling madly over skype.

Pictured below is the lovely and fabulous Ayako showing off her favorite purchases. Doesn’t she look great?

I had so much shopping with my dear friend. But in all seriousness while Fashion For Life is a great shopping event, more importantly it’s a great fundraiser. If for some reason you’ve been living under a rock or you’re new to SL and don’t know about FFL, it’s part of SL’s Relay for Life raising money for the American Cancer Society.

I’m definitely for raising money for a good cause but most especially when it comes to cancer. I know my family has been touched by cancer and felt the effects although not me directly – two of my relatives died of cancer before I was born. But I’ve seen co-workers fight breast and skin cancer and it really opens your eyes up to the reality of this disease. Not only the toll it takes on the patient but family and finances too. Even though it seems that cancer survival rates are going up,  I say the more money toward cancer research the better!!! Go hit up FFL and shop for a good cause. The event runs through next Tuesday, March 20. For more information about FFL check out their website http://www.fashionforlifesl.org/ or you can learn more about how to help the ACS take a peek here: http://www.cancer.org/.

Since the theme for FFL this year is “It’s Time…” this video seemed fitting

xoxo ~ Kaiden


Looks 1 & 2:
Hair: Exile – Jules in Nectar (currently at TDR Blue)

Skin: Style by Kira Gatcha  – Willow

Jewelry: Purple Moon Gatcha  – Cubics II Set – In the Hive

Outfit: Indyra Originals  – Aziza

Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s – Plain Black

Pose: Magnifique Poses

Hourglass pose: *BOOM* @ FFL 

Look 3:

Hair: TRUTH – Jocelyn in Auburn

Skin: Style by Kira Gatcha – Willow

Outfit: Indyra Originals  – Vai

Feet: SLink – Jolie Prim Barefeet – Low

Pose: Diesel Works

Look 4:

Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat – Khloe in Red Fever

Skin: Apple May Designs – Kat in Peachy

Eye shadow: [Mock] Cosmetics Gatcha – Time Lord shadows – The Silence

Outfit: **Angelwing** – Timeless Light

Pose: !bang poses

Looks 5 & 6: 

Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat – Khloe in Red Fever

Skin: Apple May Designs – Kat in Peachy

Eye shadow: [Mock] Cometics Gatcha – Time Lord shadows – Amelia Pond

Outfit: **Angelwing**  – Tahlia set in Pink (non FFL-exclusive item)

Shoes: fri.day  – Basic Flats in Pink

Poses: !bang poses


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