52 Weeks of Color – #18 Thistle

Not much to say this week. I’m still sick (stupid cold) and so I’ve been in bed most of the day. Ugh. Thistle  is finished and I’m looking forward to whatever Luna throws at us next week! Going to be working with Yvette next week so it should be interesting. :p

❤ Ayako

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kumi Mesh Hair – Wild Honey
Al Vulo! – Jenny – Orchid – Fairy
Lingerie: {Zaara} – Kanti Lingerie set – Lilac
Shoes: [PM] – Baby T’s – Plain
Poses: Glitterati


The Water Nymph

In Greek mythology, water nymphs, called Naiads were minor deities who presided over fresh water like rivers, lakes, and springs. I actually stumbled upon a couple the other day who were very friendly and allowed me to take their pictures. Oh wait! That’s just me and Kaiden! We found these beautiful outfits from Evie’s Closet in The Tides at the Fantasy Faire (appropriately named Lumina Nymph), and promptly headed over to Enchanted to take pics. We even had a couple of spectators last night! *blushes madly with embarrassment*

The Fantasy Faire ends on Sunday so be sure to stop by soon if you haven’t already!

❤ Ayako

On Ayako:
Hair: Wasabi Pills
(Main store, Fantasy Faire) – Orion Mesh Hair – Cinnamon
:TULI: – Zoe – Fair
Outfit: Evie’s Closet
(Main store, Fantasy Faire) – Lumina Nymph – Purple
SLink – Prim Bare feet – Low
aDORKable Poses

On Kaiden:
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kumi Mesh Hair – Black Coffee
Belleza – Melissa – Medium
Outfit: Evie’s Closet
– Lumina Nymph – Aqua
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry – Sea Necklace (past hunt gift)
Feet: SLink – Prim Bare feet – Low
!bang &  SEmotion

Peace and Quiet

In my grid wanderings, I happened upon this cute little sitting spot in alirium.

❤ Aya

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/- Monique 2 Mesh Hair – Gingerbread
:TULI: – Zoe – Fair
coldLogic – Leopore Mesh Tube Top – Brown/Blue
{mon tissu} – LouLou Denim – Dark
SLink – Jolie Prim Barefeet – Low

Coastal Dreaming

I found this beautiful daybed by Baffle! at the Pose Fair. I can absolutely see something like this in RL. I imagine it hanging in the screened-in porch of a cute little B&B somewhere near Nantucket, where guests can relax and feel the ocean’s breeze on a gorgeous summer day.

Just thinking of that makes me want to head there now. Maybe if I go to sleep I can dream myself there.

❤ Aya

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kumi Mesh Hair – Wild Honey
Skin: Exodi
– Sophie – Lumiere
Freckles: Exodi 
Shirt: Berries Inc. – Basic Shirt – Choco
Jeans: Grixdale – Lazy Sunday Jeans – Slate
 SLink – Jolie Prim Barefeet – Low
Daybed: Baffle! @ The Pose Fair

Dance of the Forest Elf

The Fantasy Faire opened this weekend and I popped over yesterday to scope out the different sims and do some shopping. I picked up the Teeloh hair from Wasabi Pills and this oufit from House of RFyre as well as a couple other things all from The Tides sim and headed home. Sadly, once at home, the creative juices seemed to have stopped flowing. I had no idea what to do with this dress except that somehow I wanted it paired with my new hair.

My mom says the best thing to do when you’re stuck is to move onto another project and that will spark your creativity again. So I left home to wander the grid where I stumbled upon this gorgeous sim Enchanted, featured in the Destination Guide. From there everything came together and voila! Love the creative process sometimes lol.

The Fantasy Faire runs until Sunday the 29th. Plenty of time for you and I to go back and do some more shopping. \o/

❤ Ayako

Hair: /Wasabi Pills Teeloh Mesh Hair – Faded
Skin: Al Vulo!
– Nana – Soul of Angel – Milk (past group gift)
Ears: Beetlebones – Basic Pointy Ears
House of RFyre  – Avril (womens)- White 
SLink – Prim Barefeet – Low
Diesel Works & Izzie’s 

*All pictures shown here are raw shots \o/

52 Weeks of Color – #17 Shuttle Gray

Not entirely sure how shuttle gray differs from a regular gray but oh well lol. It was nice to do a neutral color this week after last week’s very bright turquoise. The outfit I kept simple. I had originally planned something else but getting sick this week sort of ruined that so I’ll have to figure out how to make it work for other colors. I do have to say also, that the more I wear this TULI skin the more I love it! It makes my heart happy!

Also if anyone would like to do a collaboration in future weeks drop me a note in-world (not a message since I’m not online much this time of year and there’s no guarantee I’ll receive it). I’ve never done them with anyone but Kaiden but I’m want to meet and get to know more people so feel free to drop me a line. 🙂

❤ Ayako
Hair: TRUTH – Maggie – Walnut (partial mesh)
Skin: :TULI: – Zoe – Fair
Sweater: Peqe – Pactfic – Ash
Tank: ATOMIC – Dotty Tank – Gray (previous hunt gift)
Jeans: {mon tissu} – LouLou denim – Dark
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Freya Flats – Black
Pose: BENT

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – #16 Bright Turquoise

Week 16 rolls in with another bright color. We’re whizzing through this challenge and I can hardly believe it’s April. Already we’re over 1/4 of the way through! Eek! Does anyone have a pause button? Or something else to slow this train down?

One thing I love about this challenge is the chance to grow as a photographer/blogger. Not only the challenge itself of photographing in colors that I wouldn’t normally pick and some still I have never even heard of, but deliberately picking pieces and outfits outside my norm and learning to expand my range of fashion – like this body suit from ISON. A year ago I wouldn’t have picked this but I’m expanding my wardrobe as well as my style.

As I go along, I’m loving head and upper body shots more and more. Not that wide shots aren’t wonderful but I’m really falling in love with close ups. Of course I did another close shot this week since I’ve sort of been on that trend lately. I’m excited to see what next week brings!

❤ Ayako

Hair: Elikatira – Over Mesh Hair – Red
:TULI: – Zoe – Fair
Lip gloss: 
:TULI: – Zoe – Rosebud
Nail polish: 
alaskametro ❤ – French Teal nail polish
ISON – Bandage suit – Turquoise