52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Royal Purple & Seashell Peach

I’m back from a very relaxing week off. I spent a wonderful spring break with Therathe and as such haven’t had much time for blogging. But now I’m back to blogging and playing catch up with my color challenge.

I fell in love with this dress from De La and even though it’s not the color of the swatch provided, it’s still a beautiful deep purple color that seemed close enough. And just in time for me to play catch up, I logged on to find this lovely necklace set from CoLLisions that’s an exclusive release for The Black Market. It’s perfect for a royal purple post!

Seashell Peach I kept simple since I have very little clothing in this color. I’m wearing mesh hair from Wasabi Pills for the first time. So far I really like what I’ve seen and I’m looking forward to trying more. Admittedly I’ve been a bit skeptical about mesh hair so far. Elikatira is the only one I’ve bought up til now. Very few of the other ones I’ve demoed will rez properly for me so I’m pretty excited about this one. Yay meshiness! Next week’s color is bright turquoise and should bring interesting results.

❤ Ayako

Royal Purple
Hair: Exile
– Josie – Rust (from past TDR Blue)
 LAQ – Ebba – Peach (Christmas group gift)
Dress: =DeLa*= – Jocelyn – Purple
Jewelry: CoLLisions @ The Black Market – Vanessa’s Blossom*
Shoes: Maitreya – Shanti – Black
Pose: Glitterati

Seashell Peach
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique 2 – Gingerbread (MESH)
Laqroki – Maria – Peach
Nyte’N’Day – Amity Tank & Boy Shorts – Peach

*Denotes promotional copies


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