Be a Deer

I finally made my way over to Al Vulo yesterday to see what the May group gift was. It’s this darling faun-type skin that I had to have.  Only one problem there – I’ve never been a deer/faun before! I was asking all over plurk last night where to shop.

At some point I realized I did promise Therathe that I wouldn’t ever do a faun. (I’m thinking he’s not a big fan of hooves.) I cheated and sort of did a half faun-girl because the skin is too cute not to. I got to do my faun and still (sort of) keep my promise.

❤ Aya

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Kumi Mesh Hair – Wild Honey
Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes – Pale Green
Al Vulo! – Debbie – Ohh Deer – Chantilly (group gift)
Antlers & Ears: Enelya’s Creations – Faun ears & horns
Dress: JANE – Blossom Dress – Milk
Poses: Glitterati  !bang


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