52 Weeks of Color – #23 Pistachio

Looking at this weeks color swatch I wasn’t even sort of excited to do pistachio. It’s exactly how I felt last year when we did like 4 consecutive weeks of brown colors. To me, pistachio = puke green. But then I found this darling tank top that said it’s the same green as our color this week and it doesn’t look at all like puke. I also noticed that when I looked up the hex code for my background, it was not even sort of puke green looking. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and set about styling my pic this week.

Since this week started out hotter than blazes and I desperately wanted to be at the beach, I did a summery  looking pic. It would be something to wear walking along the boardwalk or maybe the pier in Grand Haven. Alas, it’s not even sort of warm now, but I’m still hoping for the beach and the weather that drives me there.

♥ Ayako

Hair: [e] – Over – Red 06
PXL – Kate *Special release at Skin Showcase
Lip Gloss: 
PXL – Kate – Strawberry Lip Gloss *Special release at Skin Showcase
Sunglasses: Etoile Levane
 – H4W Glasses – Adria
Tank: {katatonic} – Striped Tank – Pistachio
Shorts: {Zaara} – Denim Shorts – Indigo
Flip-Flops: Maitreya – Flip-Flops – Lucid
Poses: SEmotion


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