Hello I’m Ayako (pronounced I-ya-ko) – Aya for short. I’ve been a resident of Second Life (SL) for since 2009. I am constantly a student of Photoshop and of SL.

As someone who is a RL educator I really enjoy learning and exploring. I’m always looking for new tricks and techniques to add to my repertoire. Sometimes I think even if I learned something new in Photoshop everyday I’d still not know all there is to know.

Regardless of whether my little blog becomes a huge success or not I’m here doing something I enjoy. Blogging and taking pics is a passion and it brings me joy. I’m just here, sharing my thoughts/experiences on fashion in both worlds and my personal style. I don’t claim to know everything or necessarily anything about fashion or style, but I do know that I have way too many clothes for my own good (at least that’s what my husband tells me). I’m weird and goofy and I ramble a lot but if you don’t mind a little bit of crazy, okay well a lot of it, then I invite you to take a peek in my world and in my out-of-control closet.

The loves of my life: My wonderful man Therathe Petrovic who is my SL husband and RL love, photography in both worlds, shopping, shoes, and all things in shades of blue (my favorite color).


❤ Aya

You’ll probably see this face around my blog too. This is Kaiden Diavolo, one of my dearest friends in SL and RL. Whenever I’m in need of an extra body for pics I call her. She may even write posts here on occasion. Lurve ya Kaid!:)


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