50 of a Kind – Third Week

Round 3 of 50 of a Kind went out yesterday. Again so many darling things to get this week.

I went to Grixdale first because I missed their item the first week and I was so bummed. Really had to think long and hard about this skin as cute as it is. I’m not one who buys a lot of different skins because I think very few look really good on my avatar. I’ve pretty much stuck with LAQ and Exodi for my skins but when I tried on the demo it looked so cute I had to buy it. This darling skin comes in 4 tones – Cara, Honey, Mint and Sugar and each tone has cleavage and freckle options. I think I’ll be wearing this one for awhile.

The hair worn in all my pics is from meow.style and while I’m not usually big on short hair this is so cute. Two different styles are included in the pack.

Then to paper.doll. I’ve bought a couple of shirts off marketplace but never been to the store but I’ll definitely be going back for more. The Hailey dress is $350 and it’s exclusive FOAK color is this pretty blue. (Okay so that acronym isn’t going to work. I need to find another short way to write 50 of a Kind.)

These crazy zebra pajamas are from Intrigue Co. and I thought they were so fun I had to get them. Damn I’m a smexy zebra! I can’t wait until Therathe logs on and sees me in this! LOL!

That’s all I grabbed this week. I’ve been on a tight budget with me spending a bit the last couple of weeks for my 52 WOCC. That doesn’t mean you can’t get all the things I missed.  There are lots more great items not shown here.  Snug as a Bug has a really nice bed out.  [LAURIA] has a cute pose that I wanted but can’t afford but only because I bought some jewelry there first. LePetale has a pretty exclusive shape, Think it’s called queen? There are lots of shape makers in SL  but since I made my own I’m rather attached to it and so I don’t buy new ones.

I think I covered most everything. Hurry and grab these great items before they leave the grid forever!

❤ Aya

The Look:
Hair: Meow.Style – 50 of a Kind hair
Skin: Grixdale – Ren – Sparrow Song
Dress: paper.doll – Hailey – Sapphire
Pajamas: Intrigue Co. – Zebra PJ’s
Poses: SEmotion and Glitterati


50 of a Kind – 2nd Week

Two weeks have passed already and the list is out again for the second round of 50 of a Kind. So many cool things to grab! There are a lot more options and more furniture and accessories out this week. As much as I would have liked to get everything on the list I only have so much money (unless I can convince the hubby to give me more).

My first stop on the list was Babycakes when I saw they were participating again. I really liked the dresses I picked up last time and this round was no exception. These darling pink and purple “Spring has Sprung” dresses were a must buy for me.

*Bellies* has these pretty peacock feather earrings for sale. I’m loving them.

*Fir & Mina* put out this nice Aintree Satchel. Perfect for a woman on the go like me. Now I just need to get one like it in RL.

I was a bit hesitant to buy these piercings from [Acide!]. Facial piercings aren’t usually my style but since I’m trying to expand my horizons a bit I went for it. And wearing them made me feel a bit edgy and bad ass though I probably don’t look it.

Here’s where I really got stuck. Candydoll put out a really cute skin with a purplish eye makeup that would be perfect for next week’s color challenge. I really wanted it too but I didn’t have enough since I had already grabbed the Under the Stars pergola swing from {what next}. Super cute and it has a lot of great poses.

Trouble is I don’t have any land to put it on. Our little skybox has no yard. 😦 So I stuck it on Kaiden’s land since Therathe and I practically live over there anyways.

And that’s it… for me anyways. There was a beautiful meditation hut/platform thing from Baffle! but again no land so I passed it up. I may still go and grab a darling little ottoman that was at Mudhoney if it isn’t gone yet. Kaiden bought the beautiful GINKGO jewelry set from KOSH which I also definitely wanted. The thing you can never have enough of besides shoes (at least for me) is jewelry. I tried bribing her to buy it for me too but that’s sort of difficult when you’re almost out of cash. lol. Oh well. I can lust at it from afar. By the way, the set includes male and female options for the necklace and left and right options for the bracelet and ring. The earrings are sold separately.

Maybe I can still get Rathe to buy me this set…. a really really early anniversary present…hmmm… Regardless of whether I get anything else, you should most certainly go grab some of these for yourselves. Hurry before they disappear forever!

❤ Aya

POSES: Posies, Striking Poses, & Glittarati

50 of a Kind

There’s a new event going on now – a chance to get limited time items that virtually nobody on the grid has. 50 of a Kind started Tuesday features 15 up and coming designers in SL who have created a new and exclusive item for which only 50 copies will exist EVER. Once they’re gone they’re gone . All items will be priced $200L or more. Items are out for 2 weeks until 9 am slt. Then a new list will be released every 2 weeks  at 12 noon slt. I’m not entirely sure how the list will get out as of yet. Kaiden passed this first week on to me so I could blog about it. As soon as I find out more I’ll let you know! Onto the goodies!

First stop was Baby Cakes and I picked up these darling dresses for $200L. There’s a very good chance they’re all out now. When I stopped by this morning there were only 2 more left after I bought mine.

Peqe put out this cute denim dress for $300L. As of this morning there are still 11 copies left so hurry and get yours!

Ibizarre has this springy floral tunic and capri jeans for $250L. I had to edit the top a bit to fit over my boobs since there are no shirt layers but it’s still so cute! Again, as of about 6 am slt 26 more were still left.

Hurry! Go get your almost 1 of a kind items before they’re gone!

❤ Ayako

The Look:
Hair: Magika
Skin: Exodi – Sylvan – Lumiere (March group gift)
Dress 1 & 2: [BC] – Take Flight dress & Polka Dot dress
Dress 3: Peqe – Denim Flow – Stone
Top: Ibizarre – Erica tunique
Jeans: 7/8 Jeans – Dark blue
Shoes: G*Field
Poses: Posies