Happy Birthday Mr. Truth Hawks

So today is Truth Hawks’ RL birthday. That’s right. THE Truth Hawks, creator of the amazing Truth Hair. Honestly I’ve never met him, he’s not a close personal friend of mine but thanks to his special lady Kaelyn Alecto, now all of SL should know. lol. Kaelyn also took this fabulous photo of me. Thank you sweetie!

It’s might be silly, but even with all the fabulous mesh hair in-world today, I still love this flexi one. While it’s a pain in the butt to take photos with, requiring just the right pose and maybe even a bit of editing pieces around, this is still my favorite hair by Truth. And pretty much my favorite hair that I own.  I’m a huge fan of anything with curls or waves, since my own RL hair is sort of flat and mostly straight, and this one takes the cake. The lovely ponytail of curls and the optional bangs keep me coming back to this hair again and again. Please forgive me for any gushing or rambling I may have done.

Happy Birthday Truth! Congrats to you and best wishes for this upcoming year. Thank you for you contributions to this world. You are so appreciated!

Edit:  You can see all the fabulous pics Kaelyn took here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweetsexycrazy/

❤ Ayako

Hair: TRUTH – Odette (streaked) – Cranberry
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes in
Skin: LAQ – Susan – Fair 08
Dress: coldLogic – Hathaway – Ecru


Beach Bummin’

Hey there SL, it’s Kaiden again! Aya finally let me onto her blog again (or rather, letting me write and emailing it to her).

We had a nice couples afternoon/evening yesterday hanging at the beautiful  Crossing Currents sim. It was so nice to get out and see her and Therathe. RL has been so busy for both of us we haven’t had time to hang out lately. And I’m sure the guys enjoyed having some male-bonding/guy talk time and all that good stuff. A fun time had by all I think. Here are some pics from our day out. Enjoy!


On Mark
Truth – Mark – Cocoa
Skin: Belleza – Shawn – Pale #4
Tattoo: Leti’s Tattoo and Piercing – Eternity – MM911
Tank top: Hermony – Tank Top – Plain Olive
RONSEM – Cargo Shorts – Black
Camera w/ poses: {what next} – Pop-Shot Pro Camera

On Kaiden
Hair: Maitreya – Siobhan Mesh Hair – Mocha
Belleza – Melissa – Medium #10
Tattoo: Para Designs – Neptune Tattoo – Medium Black
Top: Maitreya – Cupio top – Colors – Fresh
{Zaara} – Denim Shorts – Indigo
Maitreya – Breeze
Del May!bang

On Ayako
Hair: [e] 
:TULI: – Zoe – Fair 01 – Bare
Sunglasses: Etoile Levane
– H4w Glasses – Adria
Maitreya – Mignon Dress – Sky
Maitreya – Lucid

 On Therathe:
Hair: Truth – Eric – Espresso
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio – Eclipse 2B
Tank Top: [Lazybum] – Black Tank
Swim Trunks: The Mesh Shop – Board Shorts – Nippon
SLink – Men’s Mesh Feet

Other poses: !bang – Hold My Hand

Peace and Quiet

In my grid wanderings, I happened upon this cute little sitting spot in alirium.

❤ Aya

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/- Monique 2 Mesh Hair – Gingerbread
:TULI: – Zoe – Fair
coldLogic – Leopore Mesh Tube Top – Brown/Blue
{mon tissu} – LouLou Denim – Dark
SLink – Jolie Prim Barefeet – Low

Manly Makeovers

Since Kaiden has been working to give her SL hubby a  makeover I figured I could help out mine and give him at least a little bit of an update. Rathe didn’t get the full on makeover but settled on new hair and new eyes for himself as well as a shape edit. He thought it would be nice for me to use for the blog so here is my (semi) made-over sweetie and his best buddy Mark with a new look.

❤ Aya

On Therathe:
Hair: TRUTH – Eric – Espresso
The Abyss – Scorpio – Eclipse
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Gold Flakes – Topaz
Necklace: Lapointe & Bastchild – Men’s Dog Tags – Black Iron/Black Edge Silver
Outfit: GothiCatz – Wanted
Shoes: McChucks – Urban Chrome

On Mark:
Hair: TRUTH – Mark – Cocoa
Belleza – Shawn – Pale
Tattoos: Leti’s Tattoo & Piercing – Eternity
IKON – Sunrise Eyes – Blue
Necklace: Lapointe & Bastchild – Men’s Dog Tag – Black Iron
.:Hermony:. – Tank top – Plain Black
GothiCatz – Dark Moon pants
HOC – HoC Sneakers – Plain color

Pose: Essential Soul

If I Were A Boy…

What is it like in SL for the opposite sex? I’ve always been a little curious how the other half lives but never really tried it out. Today I gave it a whirl with my husband’s avi. I gave him a makeover, not that he needed one, but I was going for a different look. It was an interesting experience that’s for sure. A few things I learned:

1. I don’t think men’s poses are all that sexy. There are a lot of really good ones but I found just as many cheesy or overly model type ones that look like they’ve might be featured in GQ or Playgirl.

2. Not only do men’s skins have fewer options but I found a few stores that were expensive compared to women’s. I take for granted the cleavage and eyebrow and makeup options  that we women have. I noticed that a couple of them run more than most women’s I’ve seen.

3. There aren’t many men’s-only stores whether it be clothes, poses, accessories or whatever.

4. Something I didn’t notice until now but most eyes are advertised as women’s or with women’s pictures.

5. Most of them women I ran into assumed I was hitting on them b/c I started up a conversation by complimenting them.

6. While it was interesting to play with for a time, I’m glad I don’t have a penis. Having to detach or reattach has to be a PITA. Trying to color match it to the skin is just as frustrating as it is trying to color match shoes.

Therein is the sum total of my 2 1/2 hours as a male. I’m sure there’s a lot more I could have covered/learned but a headache cut my time short.

❤ Ayako

Hair:  TRUTH – Eric – Espresso
Belleza – Jacob – Medium  (Christmas group gift)
Eyes: FASHISM – Dark Hazel
Lapointe & Bastchild – Men’s Dog Tags – Black Iron/Black Edge Silver
GothiCatz – Wanted
League – Men’s Ripped 78s – Blacks
Shoes: [Vecchi]
– Super G’s – Red
Olive Juice & SEmotion


After much hemming and hawing I did it. I joined plurk. I figured it was time I saw what all the fuss was about. While I’m not a huge fan of the social network thing, and not really into joining up fb or twitter, plurk seemed semi-reasonable. And I do want to connect with other bloggers. My circle of blogger buds is somewhat limited still. So here I go, you can find me under AyaFire. Hoping the fuss is worth it. >.<

❤ Aya