Light Meets Dark

The lines of day dissolve into the night
as twilight comes to whisper upon the eyes;
the white of day melts
into the black of night
and what is seen becomes the unseen.

The sun falls from the limitless sky
and enters a new world of the eyes;
it passes the line of what is known
and enters the world of the unknown.

The sun’s golden rays of light fade
and the breath of night comes to reign;
the wondrous stars whisper the divine
and the moon speaks of the reasons why.

The day knows the sublime lines of night
and the night knows the wondrous ways of day;
they both breathe the same spirit of life
and sing the same song of eternal balance.

The one heart beats wildly and freely
in the flesh and blood of night and day,
and their reason and rhyme forever flows
from the same breath and soul.

For what is unknown can be known
and what is unseen can be seen;
the eyes of grey speak of eternal balance
and breathe in the breath of the spirit.

❤ Aya

On Ayako
TRUTH – Fearne 2 – Golden
LAQ – Susan – Fair
 M.O.C.K Cosmetics – Astrocool Eyeshadow
Nails: [PM] – Sculpted Nails V2 – Gloss
Wings: [europa] – White Archon Wings
– Celia Dress – White
[Cynful] – White
[e] – Fair Flats – Lime/White

On Kaiden
Hair: TRUTH – Lourdes – Espresso
-Belleza- – Melissa – Medium
DAMNED – Cat Eyes Makeup
[Pink Fuel] – Elly Doll Gloss – Bitten
::Para Designs:: – Charmed Tattoo
Wings: [europa] – Archon Wings
Nails: [PM] – Nails V2 – Platinum Edition – Glitter
Dress: *IA* – Black Angel Corset Dress – Black
Stockings: *IA* – Black Angel Corset Dress Stockings
Boots: BAX – Prestige Boots – Black Leather

Pose 1 : Essentia Soul

Pose 2:  CnS e-motion 

*Photography & editing by Kaiden Diavolo



I learned something new today in Photoshop. This rather labor intensive process was fraught with many confused looks, crinkled brows and frustrated sighs but the end result is kind of fun and pretty. At the end I say even though it was a lot of work and now my head hurts from squinting at my computer screen the end result was worth it. ❤ Ayako

Delicious Lingerie

Showing off my new lingerie from Delicious Designs with a new photoshop technique I learned. There are two options for wearing it so you can choose either a nightie or a bra and panties set. Enjoy!

❤ Aya

Hair: TRUTH – Francesca – Auburn
Skin: LAQ – Tasha Glow skins – Fair 03
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect truegreen
Lashes: [chuculet]– Julia eyelashes
Lingerie: Delicious – Sassy Silk Nightie set – cherry red
Shoes: Stiletto Moody– BARE Audrey – black
Pose: Posies – Pin Up: Tiffany & ANTM: Katie