Review Policy

Ayako’s Blogging Policy

I love taking photos and I love learning new things in Photoshop. Most of my photos will have at least some form of editing but that’s just me bringing out my inner creative genius or some such thing like that. I blog what I like and I want to show it off in the best way I think that reflects my take on it. I usually include slurls in my posts to stores whenever possible and give as many details as I can to help you find those items in world.

In terms of receiving review copies: I’d be more than happy to take a look at your items! Since sometimes my inventory is a little insane the easiest thing for me is to have items sent in a folder rather than a box. Also if you could please label the folder with your name and the items name on it.  Designers are welcome to include a landmark to your store and/or a note with a few details about the item.

I reserve the right to blog the things that best fit me and my style so not everything sent my way will make it onto this blog or my flickr page. It’s nothing personal. Also I  tend to blog each item in a way that best reflects my own personal style and not necessarily the way it’s presented. If I don’t get to your product right away please realize that I do have a somewhat busy RL and I will to it as soon as I have the time.

Thank you in advance for considering me!
❤ Ayako

Any questions or comments? Email me: or message me in-world


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