Hi world, I’m back. My apologies for not being around a lot lately. I spent much of the last month sick on and off, battling what felt like every little bug and it’s mother’s brother. Not to overshare but we’ll just say the bathroom and I have become very close over the last few weeks. I’m still not 100% but at least this time it’s only a minor cold. I’ve missed out on a lot of things and if I was supposed to blog any events or particular products, my sincerest apologies to you.

Since there were a ton of meme’s and challenges that have come out recently, it’s been rather difficult for me to decide which ones I want to participate in. I found  Harlow Heslop’s Blog the Beat Challenge and it’s early on enough that I can join in without feeling the need to catch up too much. So here’s my rather quick take on Week 1:


Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

 Aren’t you somethin’ to admire?
Cause your shine is somethin’ like a mirror
And I can’t help but notice
You reflect in this heart of mine
If you ever feel alone and
The glare makes me hard to find
Just know that I’m always
Parallel on the other side

Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul
I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go
Just put your hand on the glass
I’ll be tryin’ to pull you through
You just gotta be strong

‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold
Show me how to fight for now
And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
Comin’ back here to you once I figured it out
You were right here all along

It’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me
I couldn’t get any bigger
With anyone else beside of me
And now it’s clear as this promise
That we’re making
Two reflections into one
Cause it’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

Pose: Purple Poses by Audrey Guter



52 Weeks of Color – #46 Juniper

#46 - Juniper

❤ Aya

Hair: TRUTH – Cyanne – Pumpkinpie
Skin: PXL – Kate – Sunkissed – Freckles
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes – Aspen
Lashes: LAQ – Black lashes – Flirty
Earrings: {Zaara} – Sarayi painted hoops – Silver
Dress: ISON – Printed shift dress – Blue
Pose: Diesel Works 

52 Weeks of Color – #43 and #44


Slowly but surely getting caught up on the color challenge. I’m attempting to do 2 a week. Although, since we’re nearing the end I might just push through and do the last few I need to catch up. I think I have 4 more weeks left now? These two were actually rather difficult for me seeing as I don’t have a lot of neutral colored clothing in my SL closet. I’m totally loving this new skin from Al Vulo! although I think with that pose my av looks a little pissed off. LOL.

❤ Ayako

Ghost White

Hair: Exile – Breathe Me – Chardonnay
Skin: LAQ
– Ebba – Ivory (past GG)
Shirt: One Bad Pixel – Glomesh Halter – Cream
Pants: Kyoot – Etienne Capris – Grey
Bracelet: {Zaara} – Patra Silver Wire Bracelet – Clear
Pose: Posies


Hair: TRUTH – Cheyenne – Cherry (w/ roots)
Skin: Al Vulo! – Eleonor – Son of Flowers (new group gift)
Shirt: Luck Inc. – Button Down Shirt – Charcoal
Tank: [Cynful] – RaRa Top – Rich Red
Jeans: {mon tissu} – Lou Lou Jeans – Dark
Pose: Diesel Works

52 Weeks of Color – #40 and #42

And here’s #40 and #42 Amaranth and Cosmic. I felt like pink and purple needed to be together in the same post don’t ask me why. The amaranth is not a look I would usually put together but it just kind of happened. Yay for happy accidents. That’s 4 weeks down and um…I forget how many left to catch up on.  Whatever, I’ll get there.

❤ Aya


Hair: Exile – Veronique – Tango
Skin: Belleza – Lily V2 – Medium (GG for Cynful Anniversary)
Tank Top: REDGRAVE – Loose Butterfly Tank Top
Jeans: Fallen Angel – Black Ripped Jeans (past hunt gift)
Boots: REDGRAVE  – Bonnie Cotton Boots – Black
Pose: Striking Poses


Hair: TRUTH – Lilia (w/ roots) – Copper
Skin: LAQ – Maria – Peach
Sweater: {mon tissu} – Sequin Cardigan – Purple
Pose: Diesel Works

Happy Birthday Mr. Truth Hawks

So today is Truth Hawks’ RL birthday. That’s right. THE Truth Hawks, creator of the amazing Truth Hair. Honestly I’ve never met him, he’s not a close personal friend of mine but thanks to his special lady Kaelyn Alecto, now all of SL should know. lol. Kaelyn also took this fabulous photo of me. Thank you sweetie!

It’s might be silly, but even with all the fabulous mesh hair in-world today, I still love this flexi one. While it’s a pain in the butt to take photos with, requiring just the right pose and maybe even a bit of editing pieces around, this is still my favorite hair by Truth. And pretty much my favorite hair that I own.  I’m a huge fan of anything with curls or waves, since my own RL hair is sort of flat and mostly straight, and this one takes the cake. The lovely ponytail of curls and the optional bangs keep me coming back to this hair again and again. Please forgive me for any gushing or rambling I may have done.

Happy Birthday Truth! Congrats to you and best wishes for this upcoming year. Thank you for you contributions to this world. You are so appreciated!

Edit:  You can see all the fabulous pics Kaelyn took here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweetsexycrazy/

❤ Ayako

Hair: TRUTH – Odette (streaked) – Cranberry
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes in
Skin: LAQ – Susan – Fair 08
Dress: coldLogic – Hathaway – Ecru

Black & White Challenge

So yesterday when I was perusing other blogs in search of feldgrau posts to perv, I came to No Rainey Days by Rainey Manx and a beautiful black and white pic of her. The gorgeous image was made for a Black & White Challenge thrown down by Maci Restless of  lilmissfashioncupcake.com. I’m always up for a new challenge to stretch my PS and photography skills. Since I posed with Kaiden for her challenge photo, I asked her to take my picture for my (slightly more clothed) take.

Thank you for this challenge Maci!

❤ Ayako

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Sybille 2 – Cinnamon
Skin: LAQ – Susan – Fair 08
Nails: Pixel Mode – Sculpted Nails – Gloss
Corset: [Aura]  – Grimm Corset – Black
Panties: Blacklace – Delectable – Vintage Cream Lace Panties
Bracelets: {Zaara} – Patra Silver Bracelet
Boots: REDGRAVE  – Bonnie Boots – Night
Pose: Posies

52 Weeks of Color – Russet & Feldgrau

Punching out two colors in one post since I’m a week behind. My RL tends to get super hectic this time of year.

Russet is so beautiful and perfect for the upcoming fall. I love that it ranges from deep reddish to more brownish. And Feldgrau…. well…..um….yeah.According to Wikipedia it’s a light grey-green, the same color as the German army’s field uniforms in WWI. I would never have guess that in a million years. The things you learn! I suppose that’s why it’s called a challenge right? You stretch your knowledge of history not just your color palette.

 ❤ Ayako 

Hair: [e] – Flattery – Red 04
Skin: LAQ
– Maria – Peach 2
Lip Gloss: [Mock] Cosmetics – Sweet Coral Lipstain
Tank: JANE – Intrinsic Tank – Cream
Sweater: JANE
– V Neck Sweater – Ziggies – Brown
Shorts: {Zaara} – Denim Shorts – Indigo
Shoes: *BOOM* – Deck Shoes – Nautical
Pose: Posies

Hair: [e] – Never – Brown 05
Skin: LAQ
– Maria – Peach 2
Dress: coldLogic – Gellar -Sage
Shoes: Maitreya
– Flip Flops – Lucid
Pose: Del May