52 Weeks of Color – #38 Papaya Whip

I honestly have no idea what color the swatch was.  I’ve been back and forth with what color it actually is whether a pinkish or a peach-ish, but I went with what Wikipedia called it – a light orangey-peach color. I think I used this Grixdale dress last year for a color but it works for Papaya Whip too.

I do find things a bit more difficult this round. Most of these are colors completely foreign to me, but isn’t that part of the challenge? I wonder what next week will bring.

❤ Aya

Hair: Elikatira – Abbey
Skin: Filthy –
September Group Gift
Earrings: CoLLisions –
 Saturday Night Special II* (FabFree hunt gift)
Dress: Grixdale – My Vintage Frock – Peacj
Shorts: {Zaara} – Denim Shorts – Indigo
Shoes: Pixel Mode
– Fae Wedges – Khaki
Pose: [LAP]

*Notes review copies


52 Weeks of Color – #36 Hot Cinnamon

So I finally got around to doing my hot cinnamon post. I’ve been putting it off because I am not fond of this color.

I found this belly dancer outfit in the bowels of my inventory that is sort of cinnamon-colored and it was an easy outfit for a pic. I honestly can’t remember where or when I got it. Maybe off a MM board in my noob days? Anyway, hot cinnamon is finished and now off to edit my Papaya Whip.

❤ Ayako

Hair: TRUTH – Jacqueline – Coffee
Skin: Exodi
– Sophie – Carmel
Outfit: Roawenwood
– Sahar Belly Dancer – Rust
Pose: [LAP]

52 Weeks of Color – #37 Royal Blue


I purposely skipped over last week’s hot cinnamon. I still have no idea what to do for that so I’ll probably figure it out at some point. In the meantime, here’s my royal blue to tide you over. A simple nod to the changing season’s with the short top and long pants.

❤ Ayako

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique2 Mesh Hair – Gingerbread
Skin: LAQ  – Susan – Fair 08
Top: *BOOM* – Thrill Halter – Blue
Jeans: {mon tissu} – LouLou Jeans – Dark
Flip-Flops: Maitreya – Flip Flops – Lucid
Pose: skin&bones

Happy Birthday Mr. Truth Hawks

So today is Truth Hawks’ RL birthday. That’s right. THE Truth Hawks, creator of the amazing Truth Hair. Honestly I’ve never met him, he’s not a close personal friend of mine but thanks to his special lady Kaelyn Alecto, now all of SL should know. lol. Kaelyn also took this fabulous photo of me. Thank you sweetie!

It’s might be silly, but even with all the fabulous mesh hair in-world today, I still love this flexi one. While it’s a pain in the butt to take photos with, requiring just the right pose and maybe even a bit of editing pieces around, this is still my favorite hair by Truth. And pretty much my favorite hair that I own.  I’m a huge fan of anything with curls or waves, since my own RL hair is sort of flat and mostly straight, and this one takes the cake. The lovely ponytail of curls and the optional bangs keep me coming back to this hair again and again. Please forgive me for any gushing or rambling I may have done.

Happy Birthday Truth! Congrats to you and best wishes for this upcoming year. Thank you for you contributions to this world. You are so appreciated!

Edit:  You can see all the fabulous pics Kaelyn took here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweetsexycrazy/

❤ Ayako

Hair: TRUTH – Odette (streaked) – Cranberry
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes in
Skin: LAQ – Susan – Fair 08
Dress: coldLogic – Hathaway – Ecru